I have worked with individuals, established groups, organisations, corporate organisations, venues and my own small group sessions and workshops.

Each client explores and discovers something different to help them go forwards.

“Joseph made me feel comfortable and supported right from the very start. I did have my concerns beforehand, but he put me at ease and we dived straight into exploring my ‘block’ and how to unblock it. I use one of the exercises nearly everyday now, it helps me keep focused with the bigger picture in mind.”

Individual client from an online 121 session

“I had never thought of myself as a ‘creative’ person, but I attended one of the creativity workshops and I enjoyed myself so much! Joseph made us all feel at ease – it wasn’t about how creative you are or how good at it you are. He reminded us it hows we use it to help ourselves. I use my new confidence in everything I do.”

Participant from a creativity workshop