Wellbeing sessions

These sessions do not use hypnotherapy, but use creativity to ‘unblock the block’ in an informal way.

Covid-19 offer
All 121 sessions are just £25 during the time of the corona pandemic. I understand times are challenging at the moment, both mentally, physically and financially. Please contact me if you cannot afford a session outright – I would still like to help in some way. This of course includes key workers and any one affected by job loss because of the pandemic.

All sessions will be carefully designed and delivered just for you. I always ensure a friendly informal approach to my work. My main strategy is to encourage thinking differently, focussing energies and looking (and stepping or even leaping) forwards.

How to book a session with me
All sessions are unique and when booking, you will be asked to provide a sentence or two about why you are booking your session. This could be just a few words – or even one word is helpful! This means I can prepare in advance to ensure you get the most out of your session with me. I keep my sessions flexible, ensuring they respond in the best way to help you go forwards. If you know what you would like, you could book and pay for a session using the button here – or you can keep reading about the different things I offer.

“My wellbeing sessions are a great way to start thinking
about self-care. We have all been affected in different
ways in 2020 – I want to help you unblock the block
and discover your motivation and zest for life once more.”

To book
Head to my online shop using the ‘book and pay’ button below, where you select a session and then pay online using a debit or credit card. I use a reputable trusted system (called Square) which is used by a lot of people for different online services. When you pay for a session, please tell me when (day and time) you would like your session to take place and also a sentence or two about why you are booking the session, to steer me in the right direction before our session. I will then email you to confirm your session time (or suggest alternatives) and once agreed, I will email you the details of how the online session will happen.

Motivation: unblocking the block
• 121 session
• Take away tasks included
• 45 minutes (£25)
This helpful session explores your motivation, or lack of it, and helps identify your block and how to unblock it. Lack of motivation or get up and go can affect many of us particularly at this time.

Reflection and self care
• 121 session
• Take away exercises
• 45 minutes (£25)
We all need to stop and reflect. Perhaps about your daily life, your relationship, your work or career, your hobbies and interests. This session will help bring some focus and forward thinking.

Creativity to inspire and motivate
• 121 session
• Take away exercises
• 45 minutes (£25)
We are all creative in our different ways and within the tasks of our daily lives. Unlock the potential of your creativity (I call it having fun and finding joy) in all that you do.

How will the session take place online?
Your 121 session could take place using Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Please let me know your preferred method and I will email you instructions of how to take part in the session. I like using Zoom, which is an online video conferencing tool that can be used on a computer, laptop, phone, iPad or tablet; but I will use whichever you are most comfortable with.

I also run small group sessions online or in person when these generate enough interest (4-6 people). Contact me if you would like to be added to the list or organise your own group session.

Help and support
I will do my best to help you – it’s not too complicated and I can help you set up for our session over the phone if need be. Just ask for help if you would like it.

If using Zoom:
You can download Zoom and input the meeting ID and password I give to you, or if you didn’t want to download the programme or its app, you can simply click on the link that I will email you. Please do not worry about this, if you would like I can help you set it up over the phone if need be.

Terms and conditions
I will help you work towards realistic goals, however it would be unethical of me to make any guarantee or assumption on your progress either during or after a session.

No refunds can be given with this statement in mind. If a client fails to meet (including online) their session time and date; they will not receive a refund. A client must give as much notice as possible to change the time or date of session. If, however, there are exceptional circumstances for missing your session please contact me to reschedule.

Any information shared is treated in confidence and in compliance with up-to-date data protection and GDPR policies.